November 2, 2020

Hello College Bowlers, Coaches, Alumni, Recruits, Parents and Fans,

After 23 seasons of tracking college bowling statistics and team rankings at, it is time for me to hand off this work and all the statistical archives included here. The USBC Collegiate Division will carry this effort forward into the future. As most of you know, this is not a sudden decision on my part, but the result of 3 years of joint effort and coordination with USBC Collegiate to make this a seamless transition from this site to theirs.

As USBC Collegiate launches its new college bowling site today (, the webpages at this site will no longer be available. They will redirect visitors to the corresponding sections at the USBC Collegiate site.

If you have any questions regarding the information included there, please contact USBC Collegiate at or 800 514 BOWL (2695).

Developing and maintaining has been an experience I will always look back on with many fond memories.

I thank everyone for all of the support over the years.


Karl Nickolai

Check out the new College Bowling site at: